thus Finally

Well here we go, the first little step into the Blog-o-sphere, a regular update on the movements, considerations, thoughts and misgivings of a certain Mr Simon Westgarth.

Plans this year are every wide and far reaching, especially with a long term view, indeed the big one, a marriage to my long time finnish girlfriend, Satu this Spring. Trnovo 22, my house in the Soca Valley in Slovenia will finally be complete, that is after 40 years of being empty, and will finally have heat, a water proof roof and new electrics. Next week I am off there to clean it up ready for a busy April.
Work consideration for this year fall into three areas, firstly another extensive Summer of kayak trips with Gene17 awaits to Slovenia, Piemonte and Norway, with the addition of closed trips to Turkey in the Summer and India in the Autumn. Secondly there is considerable scope for updating with the new UKCC coaching awards, where I’ll make a mid-season trip back to the UK for a week of classroom fun!! Lastly, and probably the most significant is the production programme ahead, with the completion of Gene Pool the last WW instructional DVD and Ticino, “a granite adventure” plus Gene17’s long over due promo flick! This Autumn will be long with a lot of time at the editing decks!!

So the skis are packed away, the snow here in Helsinki is all but gone and the paper work almost over. When the Spring sun warms my face, its time to head to the southern alps for a month warm up and training in Slovenia before the steep creeking season starts in May and the fabled runs of piemonte……


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