in Wonderland

A few shots from Monday’s fun with Olli, Matze and Ingird at Huchfuegen, high in Zillertal in Austria close to Nussdorf Weg, the home of Oliver Grau.

It was my first day heading south after flying in to Munich for the paddling season. Still Olli had other thoughts on his mine, Spring skiing with the crew on their local hill. Now everytime I go skiing with these guys, its at highspeed for a boarder like myself. We head up the hill on a swift climb, then jump off the lift and head on a lengthy treverse, a few minutes climbing some peak to then drop in to a fine bowl here or gulley there. Last Monday was no different, great skiing, long climbs and happy days.
PS: Today I saw my first swallow of the Summer whlist cleaning up my house in Slovenia, Spring is here!
PPS: all images Jens Klatt

Matze in flightSimon bottom turn


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