spring in Soča

For myself its been along time coming, and unlike last year the drive over the Alps from Germany to Slovenia revealled little snow, a firm cap at 2000m, and nothing below. Its been 25’C at 2500m on the local ski resort in the last week, great news for early conditions, yet those hoping for a long and good season across the Alps simply enjoy the sun. As south of the Alps this year is forecasted to be a very hot Summer, where as the Farmers to the north say its going to be wet, excellent news for Playboating in Munich!
3 in group

Still for myself, I try to be at the best spots at the best times, its hot and happy days here in Slovenia, for the first week, I cleaned out my house or as Uwe Fischer recently called it a Ruin. I had the Preident of the AKC installing my heating and tiling the house, plus now I have a new roof and dry house! Finally somewhere to live and relax at, my companies ground zero and base of numerous new ventures for the future.

little boof

Here on the Soča is one of the some prefect places for paddling I have ever been too with its clear water, excellent lines and beautiful rapids. Yet I always like the early season feel of warming up for Italy and its steeps and then Norway for its power. Tomorrow my future wife arrives and the final plans will be arranged for the forthcoming wedding. I am very happy.


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