short but Sweet


The month since my wedding to Satu has gone by very fast, there was a wedding tour with friends to Italy for a week, from where I stayed for 2 weeks work with Dave Carroll & Matt Tidy on the G17 Steep Creek Programme. Another year with great poeple, fine wine and excellent food.



It rained hard in the first week, as it often does in Valsesia, plus it was cold, so a few visits to the Sauna in Borgosesia were had. The cold week gave us nice conditions if only for 10 days, after which this Winter’s no show for the snow became evident. By the end of the work, it had run dry, and our little Ticino tour proved a difficult push. Still we have the Upper Rovana, the Isorno Canyon and Reuss to keep us in the action. On the night of the Champions League Final, we took in pizza at a high bar in Andermatt and slept out on the Gottard Pass for a clear view in the morning. The Verzasca proved an excellent short run, plus we got more info on the Isorno Canyon for next year.

The trip onwards to France via Valsesia took in a morning of bill paying, ice cream and shopping in Torino. Our route went over the Col de Montgenevie and was a dull and cold evening’s drive into the Durance Valley. The weather pattern is more mid March than late May, still what water there is, is close at hand, if only for a few days of sun and not this rain. Thankfully no camping for myself, as Deb Pinniger’s has a nice apartment overlooking the main valley from where wine and beer has been drunk far too frequently. A little work for the next 2 days and then a weekend in Finland with the wife.




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