montenegro & Tara


A few weeks back, Deb, Satu and myself after a weeks work cancelled, yet paid for, decided to go regardless to Montenegro, a small Balkan State south of Bosnia and Serbia. Montenegro is famed for its abundance of Karst wilderness, with a vast landscape of broadleaf forest, imposing limestone outcrops and deep canyons, all within a very small and new nation. In the Northwest of Montenegro is a UNESCO World Heritage, the Tara Canyon, 3 days of Class II/III WW fun, with excellent camps perfectly located along the way, more of an adventure booze cruise in an outstandingly beautiful and pristine destination than a multi day stamina test!


The Tara Canyon, a UNESCO site


Tara like most of the Karst landscape of the Balkans is full of Springs that normally emerge within metres of rivers, often cascading down the rockface into the watercourse.


Evidence of the abundance of raw nature in pristine surrounds


An early morning departure from Camp Bosnia, Day 3


The lady wife, enjoying the big and bouncy wave trains.


After 3 days of Turkish Style cafe, I was extremely happy to find an expresso machine!

Check out G17K this Autumn for our new 2008 destination, the beautiful Montenegro and its outstanding Tara River

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