a wet Mac, an English wedding and then West

Whilst in Norway, I had the dredged water incident with my Mac.  Needless to say it was expensive, both in terms of time and money! I had left the computer charging during the day, and someone decided to do a little aggressive clothes washing in the Kitchen sink.  Water splash over the side and then down the cable that was leading on the sink unit, into the power point on the Mac. The computer worked all fine, yet it would not charge nor run direct off the power cable.  The Mac health clinic in Helsinki said I needed a new power unit, and logic board.  Oh that I knew was expensive, and it was cheaper to buy a new machine!!  It took 4 weeks to get the funds out of my insurance policy, and a further 2 weeks to get everything across from the old Mac, as hot swapping the batteries was the only option.  The moral here, water and computers do not mix, and charge your computer away from any area where others at likely to be.

Whilst in Helsinki, I managed to get to Neitikoski in Eastern Finland a few times, this excellent play spot is remote and in a wonderful place, far from the city.  Once you finally get there, you simply, eat, paddle, sauna, walk, eat, paddle, sauna, walk, repeat as many times as you like.  In between back to back weekends in Neitikoski, Satu and I left her car in Joensuu and got the train back to Helsinki, what a wonderfully relaxed way to cover 700km.  No sooner had I arrived in Finland, it was time to leave for England.

When you are at that certain age, all round plus yourself are getting married.  This is of cause a very wonderful thing.  Late this Summer Paul Cheesy Robertson and his long term lady, tied the knot is true style at Henley on Thames in England.  A class day out was had by all, with a river boat ride to a small island with a folly and traditional English games and drinks.  Not only was the company splendid, the whole day was eventful and marvellous.  Congratulations Mr and Mrs Robertson.



Also when I was in the UK, I managed to see a lot of old school friends, that facebook thing has help connect a bunch of people who would so easily lose touch.  Its fun that with a few short years, the whole online user content phenomena has influenced so many lives.  Devon called as it always does, and I went to visit friends there to plan the Winter retreat, which is not so far away.  But more of that later, as there are more pressing tails and tall stories of my adventures out West in the USA.


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