the grand: inner Gorge


Dave Carroll charging in the main line on Hermit, what wonderful stuff!!!

The Little Colorado was milky white, and in spite of being its namesake, was set within a massive gorge. As the tributary joining the Grand, the river bends around the last of the imposing walls of Marble Canyons to reveal a wide vista, with the canyon walls set we back from the river, this was the Inner Gorge.

On the section ahead lay most of the very best white water of the Grand. Legendary rapids such as Granite, Hermit and Crystal. Our early days training of who to deal with large volume was to be put into practise on these classic rapids.  We focused on strengthening basic tactics for large volume, such as lateral momentum, cutting the diagonals and riding the curliers.  The standard rule for volume is to be one third out from either side, this avoids the large waves in the centre that block your line of sight, and keeps you away from the sides where the eddy and seam lines can cause all kinds of problems for the little kayaker.

Here is we are looking at Hance, the first rapid that required some sort of plan. The line was to enter on the right and head left throughout the rapid, thus right to left. 

The action below is form a series of rapids in the Inner Gorge.  Both Granite and Hermit are excellent, large lateral waves with little consequence, other than a ball snap on the seat when you high off the back of the steep waves, some thing the gentlemen should be aware off!!

Much fun was had by all, and now the high sport was over, we had days to relax before an highlight, Lava Falls…. and that is another story all together.

All Images Nick Burnes and Deb Pinniger


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