early spring Escape

What can I say, the Winter in Devon was long and dry, the river days less than normal, the running trail crisp and fast, and the editing of Genotype 2 slow and difficult. Yet by the last day of February, I was en route with all my worldly goods to Slovenia. Finally I removed everything from the UK, and took it to Soča. Naturally I stopped by Nussdorf to visit Olli and Ingrid, who were having another time of their lives skiing season. It was a whistle stop tour, as I needed to be in Soča to unload, and return to Munich to meet a delivery truck late evening at a motorway service station with all my wife’s worldly goods. I missed the Rosenheim Film Festival, another Classic I was assured, yet the party in Nussdorf I made. Great beer in Bavaria and the famed hospitality of the WEG is well known. Young Gun, come rapper Rush Sturges who was the guest of honour tried his talent on the local scene, only to be chance out of a dwelling in the early hours. The following evening I flew to Helsinki to complete the moving out of my wife from her apartment, and our complete move South to the Juliann Alps. Sadly my car had a little accident en route, and in the above image you can see the ADAC recovering myself for a day in a hotel somewhere in Northern Germany. Our day lay over meant that I had less time to complete the edit of Genotype 2, as we had flights out of Munich for Uganda in less than 48 hours. Sadly I did not complete in time, in spite of 20 hours straight on Olaf’s editing desk in Nussdorf. With a heavy head I went south to Escape.

Satu had wanted to return to Uganda for a while, and after quitting her long time job, it was a just reward. I had other matters on my mind, yet the days at the Hairy Lemon are very relaxing, and Nile Special is a world class spot. Every time you go, a new crowd are there, even more locals are throwing sick moves, and its a slice of perfection. Naturally at such a great play spot, there are a million cool shots, here are a few from Satu, Nico and Mariann. In between surfin’ in the morning on Club wave and Nile Special in the afternoon, I read, slept and had a few afternoon beers to ease the day away.

At around the mid point of the trip, we joined the Bavarian’s Nico, Christian and Seppi for a Safaria trip, we were not disappointed, in seeing a lot of the larger game, and for long periods of time. The Park Guide would not let me pull the tail of the sleeping lion, claiming that these cats were very fast!! A few minutes later we were charged by an Elephant, its quite the site, and naturally I was asking the driver to go, and the Park Guide was laughing, “she only playing with you”. Its a hot spot, so a pool side drink as a sun downer is a must.

To and from the airport and the Safari, we have discovered the delights of the Garden City Mall in Kampala, there is a spot called New York Kitchen, and after several days at the Hairy Lemon, its a great treat. No sooner had I started to get a tan, we headed back, to collect the fixed car with new turbo, intercooler and compressor, yahoooo, and go for a paddle on the Soča, to take out at my house, well that is another story…..


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