summer’s end & Thun

The road South from Norway to Slovenia is very long, a day of driving passed Oslo and Southern Sweden, an overnight ferry across the Baltic and then another day south through Prussia, and Germany to the Alps beyond. Its long, especially when you are on your own, regardless of your mp3 collection or podcast unlistened too. Still the reward is to be home in Slovenia. Well is it my home, its where I now have everything so its my home.

Satu VW Images

I was in Soča for a week or so, work and some play. Here I am in my carbon beauty on the river. She’s 3.5m and goes very fast, especially on the open face bow rudder turns, its pretty flash stuff, especially as I am now keeping up with the speed on the Soča slalom course. We had Gene17’s August trips in Slovenia to, which at the Summer low water was a great time, with the hot weather, being in the river was the coolest thing to do. I had a much fun, everyday tee shirt paddling, nice dynamic moves and great people too, cool as….

After Slovenia, Satu and I headed to Thun via Valsesia, why that way, because I love the food you can get from Campertogno and its one of two routes to the Berner Oberland. We could of gone north and along the northern front range of the Alps, but its a long way either way, and the great food from Alberto tipped it. Plus it meant I got to bike down 2 mountain passes on my new bike, getting ready for 2 weeks biking in Thun….

Satu VW Images

Satu VW Images

Once in Thun, we got into the regular routine of pre-competition, I would film the Finn’s training and then get uplift to a biking trail, wicked fun. All evening I got to review the training on video, and have a beer or two. This kind of went on all week, some times we headed further for biking, and on the weekend before the event started headed to Luzern for a relaxing weekend and dinner on the terrace at Satu’s brother’s house. Summer air and white wine, its a fine time indeed.

Satu VW Images

Satu VW Images

The World’s organised by Simon Hirter, long time friend and the tallest man in kayaking, was the best kayaking event I’d ever been too. Always things to do, a great atmosphere and everyone having fun. I twittered the event for Palm, wrote their daily blog updates and got to use my iphone with some wicked app’s, ipadio a kind of audio recording app that uploads the captured voice online, like packaged commentary. Great fun, and interesting to get all the info out there from many different sources.

Satu VW Images

Satu VW Images

The World’s themselves, it was the Jackson show, and a great show it was. One brand is very much dominate on the competitive freestyle scene. The paddler’s in their boats are great, Nick Troutman was king, and so was his wife, excellent stuff. I was a little disappointed by a few paddlers all readily able to complain about something, but there was little to complain about, a great wave, a great event and good times.

Satu VW Images

Satu VW Images

Great now we are in BC, Canada, about to hit something new, details to come, I just hope it has good water!! 5 days 3 lakes and 60km of WW, see you on the other side……


One response to “summer’s end & Thun

  1. good blog Si – sounds like you had a blast.

    I picked this up from facebook and like what you were doing via twitter from thun – although i am not a paddler i just though for those who have an interest (Ian Heathcock) etc and who can be there it was a great way of feeling part of it.

    Good stuff – hopefully see you at some point in the autum.


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