Olaf Obsommer UK Film Tour

Here is a list of proposed dates and locations for an Olaf Obsommer Film Show. Olaf will bring a huge PA system, the HD digital beamer and a bunch of DVD’s etc as event prizes. If you can host an event, please contact myself soon. In terms of Video Clinics, please also contact myself

22 Nov Date Available London
23 Nov Date Available East Midlands/East Anglia
24 Nov Date Available Yorkshire
25 Nov TBC St Andrews University Canoe Club Canoe Club
26 Nov TBC Strathclyde Uni Canoe Club
27 Nov TBC North Wales
27 Nov TBC North Wales – Video Clinic
29 Nov Date Available North West
30 Nov Confirmed C.I.W.W. Cardiff
1 Dec TBC Waterford Int, Ireland
2 Dec Confirmed Galway, Ireland
3 Dec Confirmed Gene17 APWE, Devon
4 Dec Places Available Gene17 APWE – Video Clinic

During the past week, we have had a lot of interest. Video Clinic details to come soon.

Simon Westgarth


2 responses to “Olaf Obsommer UK Film Tour

  1. Ich muss meinen.. das das recht interessant ist. Dennoch wird jeder das für sich selber entscheiden wie man sich entscheidet.

  2. Joe Rea-Dickins

    Is there any news on PYB? There is a fair number from Aberystwyth who are keen to come along to this…?

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