in the recovery Wilderness

Since my last post, it’s been a while, resting, recovering, rehab, 14 weeks on crutches and a slow slow road to mobility. Of course, in reading up about displaced tibial plateau fracture, I found out it’s one of the longest recovery times for any breakage, and difficult to predict when full mobility will come my way. Still this has not stopped life going on like normal, well almost normal. But to start with here are a few images, the first two are the raw fracture and myself waiting it out in Lillehammer reception:

As you can see, I was not at all happy with the consequence of my actions, nor with what I suspected at the time, to be quite a bad break. The X-ray shows the extent of the fracture, the plateau is depressed in the middle, and the fracture lines extend to each side of the tibial head. So the main tibia was in 3 parts, with a bunch of small floating parts, close to where the ACL is attached. The Doctor’s did not show me this image before the operation, I understand why, as it shows the extent of the fracture and the need to undergo extensive reconstruction. Now as you can imagine, Norway’s health care is first rate, the ward’s are normally a series of small rooms, a single member of staff for every 2 patients on my ward, plus a visit from the consultant every morning to see how it was going. The food was ace too, one day, I got eggs and bacon for a breakfast treat, plus I learned to enjoy Norway’s Brown Cheese, hmmmmmmm

The morphine after the first two operations was quite body shakingly horrific. I had the main op with the metal work, and then the pressure in the lower leg was considered border line. So I had two fasciotomies, which are deep cuts into the leg muscle added, and then a round of ketamine, a shocking access all area hallucinogen, with nothing but acceleration into a very vivid experience, that was nothing but alarmingly entertaining. Well after a week, I had the first fasciotomie sewn up and then the other, and within 2 weeks I was out. And my leg looked like this:

But hey, I was free at last. With only a small operation for Surfer’s ear to show from a life time of adventure, two weeks in the hospital made up with credits, avoiding such poor luck in the past. What a year, broke the same knee twice, second time, good and proper for good measure, and drowned my nice car not long before. I am only writing this now, as ebay car, decided it needs a new alternator en route to the UK from Slovenia. Anyway, here I am about to put on the Sjoa in September, wearing my flash new Sweet shorts with the crutches for support

The first runs in the boat were not easy to get into the kayak, and the footrest has been moved way forward to avoid any use of pressure and no back band to stop me push on that to compensate the lack of a footrest, an exercise in fine posture was learnt. In late August, Nick Horwood and Deb Pinniger took myself and the van with the boats to Slovenia, as I could not drive anywhere, Deb worked the week in Soča, and then Satu drove us back north to start her new life in Øyer, near Lillehammer. Here she is about to drive us 2000Km to Norge.

Well, once we moved into our new home in Øyer, in fact it was Jim Cummings his lady Hanna, old spot, we already had a crowd of friends, Pete, and his lady Åsa live in Lillehammer, Sam Pacman with family are moving into the neighbour in the New Year, like a little Britain, and only Sam has a Norsk lady, the rest of us have Nordic wonders, an interesting correlation, yet I say nothing more. Thankfully I had become the master of my crutches and could manage the stairs to our bedroom, which is nice, otherwise I’d be the dog down on the living room floor. Happy days in Øyer, BBQ’s and dinner dates, a right social mix. I have been charged with getting all the authentic ingredients for Christmas mince pies. as I am the only one to be in England before the festive season. The Norsk Autumn was golden, lots of little paddling missions, and I even managed to start cycling before I left, and on the 4am train from Hunderfossen a request stop!!

I got some nice new shoes when we went to Ireland to celebrate the starting of walking again, and a new hat to match!

Blue Zebra Freeride 5.10s

And I got to go tot KanuMesse to work on the Palm stand and see next year’s flash stuff, including the new Fuse Freeride top, which I will attempt to wrestle from Palm this Thursday. I will also make my new Axiom for the Dart season, in a new colour, she already has a name, BlueSky, guess what colour she’ll be?

Palm Fuse Freeride top

Other than all of Palm’s flash WW & Touring paddletops, at KanuMesse that caught my eye, was the new Wavesport Project X, finally something that stand up to Jackson Kayak’s dominance in the playboat scene. Level 6 had a great roller dry bag for travelling, Zet announced a new smaller Raptor, which has been the river runner of the year to date. Pyranha has a new longer playboat call Loki, which is very pleasing to the eye. There was some print paddle from Robson, that look good and lots of little changes here and there, plus lots of new players from all over and buyers from the US came to see what is now the biggest paddlesports show around. It’s so successful, Horst of Hf has quit his highly successful distribution business to now focus on running KanuMesse, a great job indeed.

Prime Autumn Colours in Slovenia

By mid October I was heading to Slovenia, for a week’s Alpine River Leader Training course with new Gene17 recruit Spyros from Greece and PGL Head Trainer Bob Timms. It was a great week, with good people, and wonderful to be in the boat everyday. I also got a cycle turbo trainer, to build the leg muscles, for the normality to arrive. I also peddled my road bike a lot, on the flats around Trnovo, slowly trying to climb the hill to Srpenica, after 10 days, I final managed to climb the hill, and so when everyone left, after the course, I could finally do the shuttle. So everyday in prefect Autumn sun, I left the bike at the top of the climb out from the Broken Bridge on Soča, and drove to the beach at Srpenica, paddled down, and took out. Then looking like an arctic explorer, I dragged the kayak be hide myself my a sled, using my crutches ski poles to climb the pitch out to the bike, then ride uphill and up stream back to the awaiting car. After a week of this routine, I managed to cycle the hill in a mid gear, slow progress, yet progress none the less.

Thrid canyon Boulder garden

So now I am waiting for Germany to open up to business again tomorrow at Matze just south on Munich, as today is a public holiday. My car’s alternator died as I was driving in on Saturday evening for dinner en route to the UK. Still that means I got to finally got around to write a blog entry after 2 months of easy, easy, slowly, slowly. Christ I am look forward to mobility and normality again, soon soon, at last.


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  1. hey man,

    fair play to ya thats a narly one, hope recovery is nice and fast


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