northern winter destination Gjendesheim

Yes, yes, I have been slow yet again to write this blog, check out the draft saving date 13th March, and now it’s the end of April, and all the Nordic skiing below, seems a long time ago in a land far far away, especially as I am in Greece now and it’s certainly Spring here. Alas I digress, more about that later next week, for now, check out the fun below, Winter skiing in the Upper Sjoa valley at Gjendesheim.

Åsa shows her Nordic technique

After many Summer’s running the rivers of Norway, a Winter there is well in order, especially as me lady wife got a killer job last September.  So after all the UK Autumn work in Devon, I headed Øyer in early February and did lots and lots and lots of skiing, as Operation Sparrow Leg No More, requires a lot of leg focused development, and impact sports like running are now a NO NO. So with my trusty classic skis, I pounded the trails of Øyer, Tretten and Lillehammer for 6+weeks. And the result is a slightly larger leg, less sparrow like, yet certainly smaller than the other. This is going to take a while I fear…….(18 months, I am told)

My wife & I
Winter in Gjendesheim at dawn

Anyway, amongst all the regular close to home workouts, where a head torch means you can go with friends who have office jobs, Satu took me to the Upper Sjoa valley to Gjendesheim for some fine days skiing with Pete and Åsa, plus their dog and lead trail blazer Scooby. We day tripped out of the wonderful hostel at Gjendesheim, which is situated at the start of the lake, now frozen of course. Great food, yes, you read that right, great food, up in the mountains of Norway.

Team Lillehammer, dog driven
Winter Sun on a cold day

If you are looking for full days in the mountains, and wish to work a little for your supper, this is a great complement to alpine skiing, you’re away from the crowds and can enjoy the quick paced outing, plus burn off those Winter blues too. Ohhh plus the views are amazing too. I think we’ll get a set of fjell skis for next Winter, as we can go off the beaten track a little more and enjoy blazing our own routes across the northern Winter wonderland.


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