5 minutes old

That’s my new name, well at least to someone new anyway. In November our family of 2 became three, the addition arrived in the small hours of the morning after a protracted campaign, where my wife re-enforced that she is quite the tough being. All went well, and to be there, to witness the moment, after such an intense and lengthy 2 person show, for someone else to arrive is only something you’d best appreciate if you lived through it. No end of wordy descriptions could be used, yet in the end, after lots of effort someone absolutely new arrives into your life, and it is nothing short of amazing.

4 days to go

Here’s Satu, a few days before the occasion, the late autumn mist, the stillness reflects the days if not weeks of the same holding pattern, and then it’s all change at the Westgarth house. 

We choose a finnish name that could not be anglicised, this was especially so, as she would have my rather english surname, and in a way is sounds a little like the phonic of my mother’s name Julie.

So why Papa, and not as the english tradition of Dad. Well for myself, I’d not had a father present in my up bringing, so have little attachment to the term Dad, and Papa just sounds right for me, so Papa I will be.

After the big arrival, we were of course slightly busy, still the time at the hospital as ever in Lillehammer was pleasant. The staff were always on hand to help coach us into being parents, yet the first night is always sleepless, any and all sounds are greeted with an urgent springing action to investigate the issue, which is often the baby breathing….it has the potential to be nerve wrecking. The proud day of heading home with the bundle of joy was well, a proud occasion, and of course the bed I built for her, has yet to be used, as she sleeps with us. And before you start offering advise, it appears that everyone has something to say on child rearing, so get in line, if you please.

We soon were in a routine of watching the back issues of Glee, feeding, nappies and walking with the flash new pram. We went to the movies, and to the opening day of the local ski hill, live bands and all, plus visited friends, our baby it appears for now is a rather an easy baby, only time will tell….

6 responses to “papa

  1. Very touching to read Papa Westgarth! I hope to see you all in Slovenian sun before too long! 🙂 xx

  2. congrats Simon and Satu! Papa Westgarth, suits you as well

  3. Congratulations Papa Westgarth and Satu, my best bit of child raising advice to you is that as you have already found out, lots of people have lots of advice, listen to it all and use what works for you….

  4. Finally an insight to your family, brilliant Simon, Thank you for sharing. What an amazing adventure being a parent is, as usual, go your own way and enjoy it. Z

  5. Linda Newman

    Papa, a very European and affectionate term for the “head” of the family! The most important job in the world and we don’t get any training for it but love, instinct and common sence should keep harmony in all your lives!!! xx

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