life begins at 40

I am not sure what to say about it, the 40. Live at the beginning appears to be very slow, the days last for ever, and then as you get a bit busier, time starts to speed up, and you get a little more busy and the weeks, months and years are flying by. If you have an ace wife or someone in your live to remind you that your 40, its a milestone for sure, but I’m just to busy to appreciate it or perhaps understand what it means. Yeah, I am a little slower in the boat, heavier at times and certainly appear older if I dare look in the mirror, but I feel well 25 with a bunch of years experience. Alas I feel that this is perhaps a common story, until a surprise or two comes along to change everything.

My lady wife, surprised me with a party in Devon and another in Norway and then a weekend in the fjell too. A bunch of surprises, all great, none I expected, least was them waiting at Oslo Airport, I was dashing for the train to get home. Great skiing those days, a prefect time to consider what 40 means, and as you can see, it’s just a number, if you’re too busy to let it bother you…..

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