I headed down to Slovenia ahead of the family to hoover the cob webs off the walls and warm the place up. In Soča, there had been no ryan nor snow all winter, and the peaks were grey, not their normal white in late winter. The situation for the season looked poor. It was warm in the valley, the spring flowers were out, but for a moment, as the lack of water turned them from bright delight into faded blooms. The work situation in Slovenia also reflected the spring flowers, it appears that the expanded competition for kayak trips there, has speed the work around a little thinly. Still we had work, which was great, and also time to enjoy as well. One such time was to go to Venice, where a beach day was a first for a little one, plus great food in Italia as always.

I do like to start the season in Slovenia, its warm there early and you wake up to the season after a long winter’s break in the snow of the north. With Satu pregnant last year, she was happy to be in a boat again. After a Soča warm up we went on a road trip to Plattling, where hearty Bavarian beer and great bread always making car camping a treat. Park’n’play was great with the little one, she even got to watch her mom on the wave.

After a slice of Germany, we went back to Soča, and enjoyed a visit to Hiša Franko near Kobarid, a wonderful place, lots of great food and wine to enjoy. We were lucky one lunch time, as they were closed, so we said hello to a friend in the kitchen and then we were treated to an amazing mussel & wild asparagus risotto, with great cheese to follow, the good life is always at Ana & Valter’s.

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