Gene17kayaking, is a leading white water kayak trip, adventure and guiding provider. Founded by Simon in 2002, with the aim to provide all inclusion paddling trips run and lead by the best paddlers around to the best destinations.

In the early years, Gene17 trail brazed the now popular destination of Soča in Slovenia, Valsesia in Italy and Sjoa in Norway, opening up these destinations with articles, DVDs and guidebook contributions. Gene17’s staff have been some of the best paddlers of their generation both in competition, heading expeditions and contributing to the development of paddlesport. Furthermore, the progressive steps pioneered in the coaching of white water kayaking technique is evident within their DVDs and numerous articles.

Recently Gene17 has added numerous destinations both within and beyond Europe, where the likes of Montenegro and Ticino, plus the Grand Canyon, India and Nepal are all popular for paddlers wishing to have more adventures. Furthermore in 2008, Gene17 started a range of Intensive Instructor Training Programmes under the D4DR banner.

In addition to all the trips and adventures, Gene17 every Winter runs a full range of BCU qualification training and assessments in Devon and North Wales. Whilst located in Devon over Winter, Gene17 hosts the annual Adventure Paddler’s Weekend at the River Dart Country Park. This event has become one of the main white water kayaking events in the UK, with 400-500 paddlers attending each event.

See Gene17kayaking for full details about Gene17kayaking.


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