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Knee Replacement At a Young Age: What to Expect….

Given that last year I had my knee rebuilt and had to undergo some time in rehab, I had time to read up on these matters and find new friends on the internet. Here is an outline of what to expect if you have seriously damaged your knee:


Knee Replacement At a Young Age: What to Expect
–Philip J Reed, on behalf of St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

A knee replacement doesn’t discriminate by age. You may think that since you are only in your teens, 20’s or 30’s that you couldn’t ever possibly find yourself in the position of requiring a knee replacement, but you may be surprised. Even if you’re active and healthy and take excellent care of yourself, your knees may already be working their way to calling it quits.

An active lifestyle doesn’t eliminate you from surgery, and in fact, depending on your preferred activities, you may actually be more at risk for a future knee replacement. If you find yourself in that position you can rest assured that advances in joint replacement and the technologies available at your joint replacement institute have come a long way.

What happens during your actual surgery will depend on the damage to the joint. You may require a partial or even a full joint replacement which will mean removing the damaged areas and replacing them with a man made alternative.

The procedure will obviously be handled by professionals, but the recovery is all up to you. Your local joint replacement institute will set you up with the proper resources that you will need for rehab and recovery but it’s up to you to do the actual work.

Sticking to your prescribed exercises or rehab schedule is very important, as is making the most out of those activities. Though often exhausting and sometimes even painful, the regime is specifically set up with your quick recovery in mind.

Understanding your limitations is also a key to successfully bouncing back after surgery. Pushing yourself is important, but don’t let the foolishness of youth make you push too hard. Taking on too much too soon will set your recovery back rather than let it move forward.

People with an active lifestyle, particularly in youth, are statistically proven to more often than not have healthier lives. This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever face surgery, but it does usually mean that you will recover more quickly. Avoid additional frustration by making sure you follow you’re the rules of your aftercare and you’ll be up a moving again before you know it.