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a wet winter, well not Really

OK, with a baby in the house, new events to run, I am a long long way be hide updating this blog. Especially at present I am considering this winter’s programme, so to talk about the last one seams odd. so in short 5 things from last winter:

  • The new yet oddly named BCU Advanced Water Endorsement, is actually really really good, and should be been what the old Level 4
  • The new Mamba 8.6 is ace, fast, easy and great to paddle, but I would say that after all the testing
  • In spite of the economic gloom, paddlers love coming to Devon for courses with Gene17, thankfully
  • We started a new event, the Rivers Source at the end of January, a coaching symposium with a river clean up, it was a great start and now I must make it happen all again this November. It’s an open source event, all are welcome to contribute
  • And it appears Devon is best for paddling in the summer, as the last 2 winters have been very inconsistence for rain and runoff. Below is some fun form last winter’s courses & events.

    BCU AWE Training
    Euthanaisa Falls 5 Star Assessment
    Boof clinic East Lyn
    River Dart clean up
    new Mamba fun on the Upper Dart

    Also we took over the running of the Sjoa Kayak Camp in Norway with Strie Strømmer, home of the Sjoa River Festival. Which gives Gene17 an offical summer home.

    Sjoa Kayak Camp grilling